Quarantine Content: Zara models Shoot Latest Campaign While At Home

A lot of us have been adapting to new circumstances and doing our best to work from home, that may be easier for some of us than others, from screaming kids, annoying partners, tempting beds there are a whole lot of distractions that may be making it harder. Modelling may not be the most traditional essential work that some of us may be doing but the fashion industry must go on and that includes the need for models to continue working, one way or another. With social distancing and reducing the spread of the coronavirus being the number 1 priority across the world, shooting a traditional photoshoot with all the required staff is close to impossible unless you’re lucky enough to live with a whole photoshoot production crew.

Committed to staying at home and still getting the job done, Zara models have taken to working from home too, playing creative director, stylist, set designer and everyone else needed on a shoot. The results are pretty damn incredible putting a whole lot of us to shame for working from the comfort of our beds and staying in our pyjamas past lunchtime and having one too many snack breaks.


Grateful that these models have tidy houses, we’ve gotten some clean, minimalistic DIY high fashion photos. While looking at the images I can admit I’ve taken some inspiration from the model’s house decor and I can’t image im alone on that one, aside from that, the photos reflect the model’s personal style in a more relaxed environment perfectly suited to the model. Seeing the models without the amazing lighting, an expert stylist at hand and all the other people on hand to create the perfect image, stripping all that back somehow adds to the raw effortless  ‘it girl’ style of the images. The elements of imperfection created by less than perfect lighting, awkward angles, unique backgrounds, laid back hair, minimal makeup, styling and a touch of inspiration and direction led by the model or a virtual team, create something unique and relatable, we can actually see how the clothes will look in real life and imagine ourselves walking around the house in the same clothing presented by the models. Regardless of COVID-19 circumstances restricting us, Zara has managed to adapt and innovate to create images that not only reflect the current state of the world but connect to their audience by showcasing images that if we all tried we could create, all of this is captured whilst still maintaining Zara’s youthful, classy and effortless elegance.


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  Maybe this will be the little boost of inspiration needed to get models practising their poses and building up some quarantine content for a #stayathome portfolio. This reaches out to all creatives, keep creating, you never know what genius content you might create! 

Check out the campaign on Zara’s website


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