Has tearing each other down become a new trend in our culture?

On Twitter, nothing is forgiven. It’s an online world where twitter handles are the judge, the jury and the executioner. Anything you tweet will be used against you.

You could lose your job (and possibly) a future because of  a tweet you tweeted at the young and dumb age of 13. When you thought your very problematic and horrible statements were at the brim of your very limited hormonal teenage ‘wisdom’. Now, you seek redemption in a paranoid attempt of shifting and scrolling through tweets, five years back into your timeline, biting your nails and cursing at yourself with no relocation of typing that tweet or even thinking it. You’re like a deer in the headlights, fearing for your life. ‘What If I missed a tweet? What If you didn’t delete that tweet?’ You ponder.

Let’s say you make it in life. You reach a point where your business is doing well or you’ve now moved up from making comedy videos in your room to starring on Saturday Night Live. You’re out here, showing your Colgate white teeth on the gram and you tweet a picture with your head back on the sun bed, sunbathing in the very holiday sun that grants you to caption your picture with #NoFilterNeeded and ‘Mama I made it’. In a split second, a twitter handle presents a tweet from the winters of 2008, when you were at your very worst in life. This tweet does numbers and they drag you to the pits of twitter hell where you burn, along with everything you’ve built to reach this far for eternity.

It’s not that holding a tweet out of line accountable is wrong. It’s that being inconsiderate about the time-frame of when you wrote that one problematic tweet at a very young age that is very wrong.

A lot of these twitter accounts really do deserve the very harsh treatment though. But then again, we have become a culture where we applaud the downfall of others and almost turned it into a trend that is the ‘rite of passage’ of gaining twitter clout.


A good example of this would be when SZA was dragged for her homophobic statements which she later publicly apologised and admitted it was self hate on her part because she was in the closet at that time and is bisexual.

In other words, don’t just jump on the bandwagon. Think before you act. Always.

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