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Streetwear fashion has always been a huge part of the ‘urban community’ and elements of it is often recycled into high fashion houses without much thought nor credit of the originators Yet this style is rarely deemed as luxury until the likes of Gucci, Burberry, Balenciaga mirror this flare. Whilst the two worlds start to merge, designers such as Pyer Moss, A-Cold-Wall, HoodbyAir are still primarily referred to as urban rather than the luxury and noteworthy brands that they are, hence the large houses consistently take notes from them. With the above being said, here we introduce the next concept creator and story teller Afeez Amao of TRENDSLDN, who’s branding reads as hieroglyphics which cannot be read but is understood; a message from Afeez, welcome to his world, TRENDSLDN.

Why did you started the brand?

Self-expression. I felt like we all have different means to how we convey our stories – mine just fell into the medium of creating a product. A given perspective – I’m sharing a viewpoint to what I think streetwear should be.  I want the brand to be a problem solver, to address and converse with those that interact with it. It’s also a place for me to vent, almost therapeutic – being able to have an idea and execute it.

What inspires your designs?

All our products, capsules and collections to come are based off a case study. I had this idea which originated from being in school. The concept of a case study was to aid your answer development. It was a guide to help with the process and translate those thoughts. This is my exact approach to design. Figuring out what I want to address whether that be a topic or concept (the case study) and then answering exactly that by the creation of our products (the translation).

The latest Case Study ‘Dusk till Dawn’ by TRENDSLDN ;

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

To be in a space where ideas can come to mind and it can be executed with minimal restraint. I’m currently tapping into the cut and sew with a few upcoming products in the pipeline. It allows me to open up a whole new dialogue with those that follow the brand. I’ve been working on these staple sweatpants since the start of the year and have been through multiple sample rounds. It has to make sense and I’ll continue to push till the messaging is conveyed. As the brand continues to grow, we look forward to meaningful collaborations and reaching new audiences while serving the needs of our current customers.  

Thoughts on sustainable fashion?

We all need to be self-conscious of our actions and fashion plays a huge part of it. The aim is to make a product that will stand the test of time. To give it function and purpose above all other things. That way you live and breathe the product, rather than looking for the next. 

Who is your favourite designer?

Hard one, these guys come as a trio (hope that still counts). Founders of Daily Paper (Hussein, Jefferson and Abderrahmane). I think what they’re doing with the brand is highly respectable and something to admire. It’s always great to hear how brands started out to get to where they are now. It gives that much-needed push, especially for upcoming designers. Knowing that there is a way to succeed in this business without following the traditional route. 

What are your personal life goals?

I’m a person who likes to bring people together. I want to eventually open doors for those on the come up too. I’m a black British Nigerian that’s also Muslim and into all things creative. Growing up I wasn’t exposed to those who had the same background and interests as me. So my goal is to at least share some light for those who are in a space similar to my younger self (I’m still young but you get what I mean). 

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What are your favourite online casinos?

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Describe your brand in 5 words.

Conscious. Unpredictable. Forward-thinking. Timeless. Innovative. 

TRENDSLDN– A series of case studies by Trendsafeez’ is the perfect description of this fresh take on streetwear and perfectly mirrors the creative flair of its founder Afeez Amao. Having asked Afeez a series of questions we have been given an insight to not only his brand but also his personal ethos.

Gratitude is a must, thank you to Afeez for further exploring his brand with the Guap community.

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