Theodor Black has ‘Had Enough’

Theodor Black gives us the visuals to his first release of 2020, ‘Had Enough’.

‘Had Enough’ combines two boundary pushers in the forms of Theodor Black and producer Dwyer. Theodor was originally part of South East London collective Reservoir before he properly began his solo career. Now with some experience under him, he is experimenting with his sound blending hip-hop with more indie elements creating his own space musically. But he’s more than just a rapper, usually opting to self produce his tracks and even releasing a beat tape Feels Like January earlier this year, he is an exciting talent.

On ‘Had Enough’ he enlists Dwyer for the production, Dwyer being an already respected producer known specifically for his lo-fi productions. On this track he brings elements of that and ties it together with a woozy keyboard sample that creates an ethereal base for Theodor to work on. And he definitely goes to work switching between his bass infused rapping voice in verses and raspy vocals across the hook.

It’s an impressive release and one that shows the potential Theodor Black has as an artist. He could really go on to evolve his sound into something that cements his place on the scene. Keep an eye out for him as I’m sure this won’t be the last that you hear of him.

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