Series: Trims and Male Grooming

I take a look at the rise of ‘trim culture’ amongst black men, and why male grooming within the black community is becoming a standard in our generation. 

1.The Importance of Self Care – Goodman Factory

With facial hair and sharp trims becoming the standard for young black men across the UK, we often forget the process behind this image and the mental stigmas that can be connected with male grooming and beauty. Perfection is of course in the eye of the beholder. It can however be said, due to social norms and constructs, that men whose appearance is ‘too perfect’ is “feminine” – a rhetoric black men are groomed to distance themselves from by factors like culture and upbringing.

I met with Rizzy, the co-founder of Goodman Factory.

Goodman Factory is a male grooming brand that aims to create a community of bearded men who take pride in their appearance. They are paving the way for this through products like beard oils and waxes, combs, brushes as well as a heavy focus on content targeted towards this community.

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Priding itself on being inclusive of all types of men, Goodman Factory provides a community many men fear could emasculate them in the real world and online. Rizzy explains why self care is so important for the everyday man, and what his brand is doing to help grow an inclusive circle of men who admire and understand the benefits of grooming. 

Photography and visuals by Giorgia – @giorgiashoots

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