Upcoming artist CHARLIE IS READY drops new single ‘BUN THE CITY’

‘BUN THE CITY’ is the new single by upcoming artist, CHARLIE IS READY produced by Likkle Jay which was released today on all major streaming platforms. The single addresses the present issue of gentrification and how it physically, culturally and emotionally impacts inner city communities. CHARLIE IS READY delivers socially relevant content whilst pushing for untold stories to be brought to the forefront.

We had the opportunity to speak with CHARLIE about her new single:

What got you into music?
“Guitar. My grandma had given me a guitar around age 12/13. As someone who never grew up playing instruments, I was immediately fascinated and would spend hours understanding how to play chords, learning covers of songs etc.  I was already exposed to many genres from jungle, to disco and would try to emulate Donna Summer and Chaka Khan alll the time. But playing guitar opened me up to a whole new world of music.”

How would you describe yourself as an artist? 
“Dedicated to learning the craft, experimental and thought provoking.”

What was the motivation behind your new single ‘BUN THE CITY’?
“Gentrification and the alienation it produces. I would hear this word being used alot in academic settings, on the news, in columns but didn’t know what it meant until I googled it. Immediately, I was able to apply the definition to my surroundings. 
And I think language can be a barrier- like I was unaware of that term, but am part of a community that observes and faces the impact of gentrification on the daily. 
So I felt compelled to write BUN THE CITY to get the point across in a way that’s metaphorical but doesn’t hide the truth.

The song is accessible and it’s really emotional. I was angry and felt kinda dispondant because of how rapidly the City is changing so I knew I had to turn those feelings into strength.”

‘BUN THE CITY’ is now available on all major music streaming platforms:

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