Watch: A$AP Mob Drop SUPER TRIPPY Visuals For “Yamborghini High” Ft. Juicy J

The A$AP Mob is back with a super dope music video for their acclaimed ode to A$AP Yams, Lamborghinis, and living well: “Yamborghini High.”

The video exists almost entirely within the confines of Yams’ mother’s television set. Just in case you’re wondering if your computer/phone screen is causing you to experience fits: it is not. The video is in fact heavily pixelated and if you thought Rocky’s “L$D” video was trippy, it has nothing on this new joint. If “L$D” is meant to simulate an LSD trip, maybe “Yamborghini High” is meant to simulate something far more potent… the crazed and cunning mind of A$AP Yams. RIP

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