[@whossevn] Drops Wavey New Track ‘Upstairs’

One of Manchester’s newest prospects on the scene, seven (always lower case), drops new track ‘upstairs’.

This track is something completely different. It’s so different it’s difficult to even categorise what genre of music it is. upstairs samples an electronic beat but ventures into more R&B and alternate areas with the vocals of the track. The way the instrumental is sampled makes the track appear to be a constant tease. It sounds like it’s building towards a non existent drop with additional percussive elements. But that is some of what adds to the allure of the track. It will make you listen again to see if the drop was very subtle and been overlooked on the first listen. For me, I listened back almost hoping the first listen was a trick and the second time I’d hear the real song. The song builds up so well you just want to here what would have followed.

However enough on the production, the track itself is actually very meaningful in terms of content. Rather than me just breaking it down this is what seven himself had to say about the track:

upstairs is a bit of a double entendre.
1. Me clearing my chest talking to a higher power about what’s going on with relationships, addictions and mental health.
2. I’m also having issues with life and I’m being accused of infidelity from my partner and I deal with it by drinking alcohol and isolating myself.
Once you get over the production factor the track is a definite vibe. If I had to give it a comparison to any other artist it would be A2. The reason being that the two both appear to show a fearlessness in experimenting with different sounds as well as not being shy about being introspective. It’s a refreshing addition to our scenes musical landscape and only the beginning of things to come from seven.

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