ANTHEMS Black – The Daily Podcast Series Amplifying Black Voices from Across The UK

ANTHEMS Black is the new podcast series from Broccoli Content which will feature Black British voices from the U.K. Broccoli Content has been consistently amplifying Black and minority voices across all its podcast shows. ANTHEMS Black will be a collection of 31 original manifestos, speeches, stories, poems and rallying cries written and read by exceptional Black voices within the UK. Featured contributors include; comedian Munya Chawawa, Journalist, Broadcaster, Lawyer & Afua Hirsch, Poet and Educator Raymond Antrobus and Poet, Actor & Writer Jade Anouka. 

Each episode begins with a “word of the day” introduced by each of the individuals that captures the theme of their piece, leaving the listeners with something to carry forward into the day. Each episode will be released every other day from the 1st of September and throughout UK Black History Month in October.

The series will underpin the diverse cultural and social impact that Black communities have made in the UK. ANTHEMS is an album of stirring pieces and words that embody rage, power, joy, beauty, love, loss and everything in between. With words that aim to not only inspire but to also courage and comfort and have impact in a world that sometimes relies on the inaction of the many to uphold the power of the few. 

Founder of Broccoli Renay Richardson shared:

 “As a Black person running a company in an extremely White industry, it has always been a priority to help platform the voices of minorities. Black people, speaking their truths, authentically, is one of the main reasons we are so proud and honoured to be making ANTHEMS Black.  Black Lives Matter, that’s a fact, we are not a monolith, we are not one thing and we deserve to be heard.

We added Anthems Black to our slate of productions, back in January, there was no way to know how this year would play out but one thing that was clear and has always been clear to us, is that Black voices deserve to be heard, celebrated and amplified. We are in the midst of a revolution and at Broccoli Content, a black owned company, this isn’t a gimmick, this isn’t us jumping on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, this is something that is at the core of our business and why we exist.”

Click here for some episodes featuring powerful Black Voices from other Anthems Series.

About Broccoli Content 
Broccoli Content was founded in 2018 by award-winning producer Renay Richardson after the runaway success of her independently produced podcast About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge. Broccoli’s purpose is to create content that’s good for you, while opening opportunities for minority talent both in front of, and behind, the mic. Featuring a diverse team of storytellers and audio enthusiasts, Broccoli’s goal is to build an inclusive environment that breaks away from the stale and pale mainstream cultural industry, while offering audiences healthy and bold media alternatives. Their current slate includes the flagship series Your Broccoli Weekly hosted journalist Diyora Shadijanova and Money 101, a Millennial personal finance podcast, for BBC Sounds.  

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