Ben [@BenOncleSoul] drops Addicted To You album

Ben shows the diversity amongst the wave of French talent of recent on his new project Addicted To You.

Ben is the French singer capturing old school sounds and making them work for our current climate, Addicted To You is an album that encapsulates that perfectly. Blending a number of genres together, the 11 track journey is one everyone should give a try. Despite being French, the vast majority of his songs are completely in English so there’s no language barrier excuse anyone can throw out – not that language should ever affect how we take in music. Deciding to simplify his name down to just Ben (previously Ben L’Oncle Soul) he has now chosen to diversify his sound with this new project.

Addicted To You is the culmination of Ben‘s over 10 year career and blends a number of different styles across its 44 minute run time. It is predominantly a blend of mellow R&B with hints of Hip-Hop production but it also draws on Soul and Jazz which keeps things vibrant. Sonically the project is extremely easy on the ear and one for everyone to enjoy, it is high quality music and it deserves all the attention it can get.

At the end of last year, Ben dropped a teaser for the project in the form of a live acoustic performance of the track ‘Addicted’. The track is technically the title track for the project, its chorus repeats the album title of Addicted To You, and it shows that live or in the studio Ben sounds great. It also teases the genre crossing that can be heard across the body of work.

Love is the predominant theme across Addicted To You. ‘I love this game‘ likens it to a game of sport. ‘The Bestexplores how the importance of confidence, both in yourself and others goes hand in hand with love and was even described by Ben as “the basis of all relationships.”. The expression of what a multifaceted emotion love is is laid out between the poetic imagery of ‘You’re All I Need’the sense of betrayal and anger in ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’the essence of loyalty in ‘Call me ft Samory’ and the sexual declaration in ‘I Just Want You’. The album encapsulates the emotion in as close to its totality as a body of work can.

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When it came to the features on the album Ben went with as modern of an approach to curating them as possible, he put out a request on social media. After three days of being flooded by talent and trying to decide on what had been sent over to him, the final team was assembled. Aside from the obviously featured artists on the tracks, this led to collaboration with songwriters and producers from across the globe undoubtedly helping create a universally appealing sound.

All in all Addicted To You was a great way for Ben to kick off 2020 and hopefully, he continues to deliver that high quality across the remainder of the year. You can stream Addicted To You on all platforms here.

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