This Is Boxing: A Revolutionary Boxing Event for Urban Millennials [@Thisisboxing]


Sunday 17th December, York Hall

This Is Boxing is a new revolutionary sporting event created by urban millennials for urban millennials.

This is Boxing is a multi- faceted event created by Ant Opara, Whylee & Jared. The event was curated in order to create an environment that showcases talent in both boxing and entertainment. This is boxing aims to redefine conventional boxing events to attract and engage with a younger audience.

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The night will see performances from Fekky, Don StrapzyFigure Flows, Shef, Image God, Blacks Gambino and OB the Author. 

Marvin Abbey, Tazer Black and Mr Exposed from 3 shots of tequila will be commentating on the night, setting the comedic tone and getting you warmed up for the fights.

With so much talent in one room it’s bound to be an eventful night!  The creators of This is Boxing all have a connection through sports and I got to ask them some questions regarding the inspiration behind the event.

1.       What inspired you all to create an event that is a blend of sports and entertainment ?

Ant: It was the lack of this type of event. Going to boring White collar events that we don’t feel like we are welcome to in the first place, watching our one friend fight and then leaving; this could all be put together much better. That’s why we are doing exactly that now.

Whylee: To merge a night of boxing with live music is something that hasn’t been done in any great capacity. We feel we owe this to the people. Too often does the young urban demographic feel excluded. We thought about the type of boxing event we would ideally like to attend and This is Boxing UK was born!


2.       To Ant: Growing up in North London I’m sure you notice the difference in the youth, there’s a tone of disregard and no sense of involvement, do you think Boxing could be a way out for many kids in London?

The youth in north London are excluded from almost every aspect of society, just as the youth across the rest of the capital are. They feel ‘left out’ same way I did at their age, but whilst all my friends at the time were in and out of prison I always look at Boxing as an escape, ‘a way out’ for me those days. All our Youth clubs were closing down and at the time and boxing was all I had, so when my coach moved out to Trinidad there was nothing left, I was distraught. The young boxers we have come across whilst preparing for THIS IS BOXING have the same passion. I am so proud that me and the team are able to give them the exposure the youth of today seek so bad, but in a positive light. The excitement they have takes me back to my youth and I imagine how I would feel if I had the same opportunities to fight on a show like THIS IS BOXING back then.

3.        To  Whylee:  Why do you think that events such as this is needed in the Urban community ?

Events such as this are needed so that the urban community feel included. Boxing events are typically very traditional in their format (black tie etc) which can sometimes alienate the urban market. We wanted to create something that the urban demographic would feel comfortable attending, whether you are a boxing fan or just someone looking for a good night out. A show like this can really bring together people and bring a new crowd to live boxing whilst at the same time creating a great platform for young aspiring boxers and musicians.

4.       To Jared : Many people do not understand the discipline and determination you have to have to succeed in boxing. What life lessons would you say you’ve learnt from your time in boxing?

Boxing hasn’t always been an attractive sport, hobby, interest and has experienced peaks and trials as a globally recognised sport. However in recent months, years particularly in the UK it has become an attractive proposition for a lot of young people, male and female. As a boxing enthusiast I see so many people walk in and out of gym’s. Those who do it for fitness and those who do it for competition, both compelling ways to stay motivated and set yourself goals. There’s a famous expression ‘You can’t play boxing’! Whether its to get fit or if it’s to compete YOU CANNOT PLAY BOXING! You will very quickly get found out in this sport if you don’t give it 110%. 

Boxing has taught and shown me so much on so many different levels it would be hard to stay high-level enough without waffling away. let me link it to our brand and fight night.

As far as competitors of the sport, our boxers, amateurs and professionals will be able to tell you, as soon as you get punched in the face you realise unless you stay disciplined and determined you won’t get very far! For me its about the will not the skill, Hard work beats talent. I’ll leave you with one last famous quote from one of the best in the business ‘ Hard Work, Dedication!!!’ – Floyd Mayweather JNR

5.       What are your future plans for this event , are you planning on hosting more, or moving it to different parts of the UK for example?  

Ant:  THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING haha sorry I couldn’t resist. We have A LOT planned for next year and for the future of THIS IS BOXING. Right now we are just trying to dip our toes into the world of boxing promotion, learning how to run an event start to finish. But next year (2018) we will get our professional promoters license and the sky is the limit from there, we even have plans for boxing events abroad. I don’t want to give away to much but stay tuned, there a lot of interesting things ahead for me and my team.

The event will take place at the legendary York Hall, Bethnal Green. Ranked sixth best boxing venue in the world!



Tickets are available at

VIP Ringside Reserved £50

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Ringside Reserved £30

Balcony Reserved £25

Floor Standing £20

Date: 17th December 2017

Time: Doors open at 6.30pm, Ends 11pm

Venue: York Hall,  5 Old Ford Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PJ

For an entertaining vlog of the preparation leading up to the event:

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