Interview: We spoke to Izzy Bizu about lockdown, new music, charity work and more [@IzzyBizu]

Amidst the madness of 2020 we caught up with Izzy Bizu ahead of her releasing her new album.

You have almost certainly seen Izzy Bizu‘s name by now as she’s been in and around the music scene since 2011. It was her 2016 debut album that really propelled her to new heights and between ‘White Tiger’ and ‘Someone That Loves You’ taken from that project Izzy racked up over 150 million streams. Throughout 2020 Izzy has dropped a slew of tracks with ‘MG’ being the latest. On top of this, she has also been involved in quite a lot of charity work too so with that and an album looming it was only right to have a catch up.

How have you been during lockdown?

I have been okay, had some ups and downs but it’s been so amazing to release new music, hang with friends and family. It has also given me a chance to reflect and get back to my spiritual side which can get lost in the city life!

Aside from the music you have been keeping busy with charity work, what prompted you getting so heavily involved with it?

My mother always helped out in Ethiopia and really inspired me to get stuck in too! I look forward to going back and seeing the girls back at Studio Samuel!

Has the lockdown affected your musical output or plans for rollouts?

Yes it has, there are some feelings I had pushed down to the bottom of the bottle and since lockdown, things have come to the surface. Creating has definitely been done differently during lockdown but has been a great learning experience which thankfully never left me bored.

You’ve just dropped ‘Tough Pill’, what was the inspiration behind the track?

I wrote Tough Pill because I was insecure at the time. It’s funny because I feel so differently about boys now, but before I always thought that a beautiful woman was enough for someone to forget me. Kind of silly I know, but now I know if someone is worth your time, beauty comes from within!

What’s the story behind your new track ‘MG’?

M.G is mine and my father’s favourite car. Ever since he passed, I couldn’t stop thinking about dropping everything, buying this car with one suitcase and starting new…. He was always full of adventure and never stayed in one place too long… the song is a celebration of a new start after the storm, only looking forward… as we should!

What has it been like to support so many amazing artists with only one album and one EP out?

It’s been incredible and I’m so grateful they all worked with me. What an amazing experience to share our time, inspiration and a part of our journey together!

Why did you feel like now was the right time to come back to music or at least releasing the music again?

I guess I finally had the guts, I’m pretty shy but now I just wanna share what I’ve been working on!

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What is coming next from you?

I recently played a mini V festival performance, it was soo exciting! Next there’s going to be lots more songs from the album.. I can’t wait!

It’s been a busy year for Izzy Bizu and things aren’t slowing down at all. This Sunday she is supporting Studio Samuel‘s International Day of the Girl virtual event as a speaker. You can find out more about the event here but also keep your eyes peeled for Izzy‘s second album which hopefully we’ll get sooner rather than later.

You can stream ‘MG’ and more music from Izzy Bizu here.

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