[@mneliaa] makes you want to ‘Say Yeah’

MNELIA captures the essence of 90s and early 00s R&B on latest drop ‘Say Yeah’.

MNELIA has hit the jackpot on ‘Say Yeah’ and her campaign for it should ensure its success. Having teased the track since December and even starting her own challenge for the song, MNELIA is someone you should already know about. But if you haven’t seen the #SayYeahChallenge then ‘Say Yeah’ is the perfect place to be introduced even though you’ve missed a great promo plan in action.

One of the most important aspects that helps ‘Say Yeah’ capture that classic R&B feel is in the production. Producer StevieBBeatz does an amazing job on this, creating vibes similar to Dru Hill‘s classic ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. Whilst it captures a similar sound it doesn’t sound dated and has defo had some more modern production touches added to execute this. What also adds to the classic feel is MNELIA‘s opening line and the flow she delivers it with, which is a definite ode to Lloyd‘s opener on his track ‘You’ featuring Lil Wayne.

“Stop,/ Wasting minutes/ You know I’ll always keep you on your toes”

It is little nods like this that provides nostalgia to a track that has been out in its entirety for less than 24 hours. Add to this the opening almost skit delivery of the intro and it’s no wonder people are getting sucked into the track already.

Beyond just those little notes of everyone’s favourite era of R&B ‘Say Yeah’ is just a banger in its own right. Even if we strip away the nostalgia the track is extremely catchy and has great replay value. MNELIA does a great job of displaying vocal range as well as her writing skills. It is a classic performance by an empowered and empowering woman delivering a love song we can all appreciate. Or in her words the track is a “bad bitch anthem”.

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On the visuals, director Terry Paul and co-director KNWGD do a great job. From the colour choices and grading down to the various scenes and the way they’ve been cut together they did a stellar job matching the vibe of ‘Say Yeah’.

MNELIA shows she has the star quality and talent to go far with ‘Say Yeah’ and I hope people give her the support she deserves moving forward.

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