[@nathaliesade7] asks ‘Would You Love Me’

‘Would You Love Me’ gets the visual treatment from Nathalie Sade.

Nathalie Sade follows on from ‘My Ting’, her most viewed video to date, with visuals to her latest track ‘Would You Love Me’. You may recognise Nathalie from The Essence Pt2, she is an extremely talented singer as well as an actor. ‘Would You Love Me’ doesn’t get the full visual treatment which is a bit of a shame, the creative direction on show in ‘My Ting’ showed great potential. Whilst the visuals are kept short for this latest drop the tone of the video is perfectly in tune with the track. The intimate setting, the sensual energy Nathalie gives off, and the low mood lighting are exactly what was needed for these visuals.

As mentioned Nathalie is very talented, and she displays the versatility of her talent on ‘Would You Love Me’. We get a two for the price of one here as Nathalie flexes that she’s bilingual by switching between English and Spanish seamlessly. It’s also impressive to note that she can comfortably hold a note in both languages, that may seem small but think how many people can’t hold a note in their main language let alone an extra one. The track is aimed at her lover and touches on issues of trust, double standards and displays the emotional insecurities that can be at play in a relationship. Nathalie does, however, balance this with a message of being okay to be on her own and always keeping it moving. Production-wise ‘Would You Love Me’ is a blend of R&B with some Latin elements, it’s a nice mix that makes for easy listening.

It will be interesting to see what comes next from Nathalie Sade, the musical potential is definitely there. You can stream ‘Would You Love Me’ in full here.

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