‘ Hustlaaaa Babyy’ [@Jhus] Nottingham show review

You know how it goes down at the start of a gigg. The typical tracks playing, getting everybody warmed up for the first act. With DJ Skrillzy & DJ Billzy on the decks showing the Dj’s how its done

About an hour into show, the Nottingham boys Young T and Bugsey jumped on stage and claimed the first reload of the night with “Glistenin’”, the tune that got the whole UK talking with just over 625,000 views and counting on their own youtube channel. Following their previous bangers “Is It A Monster?” “Banana” & “No Mickey Mouse Ting”. They tried to leave and finish their set without “Gangland” and in my head I was thinking “they cannot not perform Gangland, like the tune is mad” and the next thing I know I hear the lyrics “Nee or nee nor” and the crowd going wild. They opened the show with energy and represented Nottingham very well.

Next up in line was Lotto Boyz, and when I say THEY SMASHED IT, THEY SMASHED IT ! Their whole performance gave me goose bumps with every track that was played. From “Bad Gyal” which got the girls all in their feelings to “Hitlist” which go the mandem shaking a leg in the corner. But can we have a moment to appreciate how SICK “No Don” is ! When the beat dropped (0.50 seconds into the video) the white lights on the stage flashed on beat & the whole track took over Ash & Lucas bodies. At this point my hairs on my arms were standing, literally.

You guys know how I feel about the whole moshpit crew and that I am NOT about it ! Lotto Boyz decided to turn the BPM up on the track “No Don” and create the first moshpit of the night, luckily I was upstairs far, far, far, FAR away from the sweaty souls and extra hyped energy.

J Hus and his team likes to play around way too much. This is what they done.

After Lotto Boyz came off stage, a couple of tracks played then we all got told an announcement saying that Hus couldn’t perform due to unforeseen circumstances which are out of their control. They seemed very serious. If you know me, you know how gullible I am so I made my way downstairs and half way down the sticky wooden steps, “I’m Coming” played and I just heard so much screaming and the way my neck did the biggest 180 and my little legs ran back up stairs trying to get the best view and it was the one and only Mr Ugly on stage.

The East London rapper fulfilled the everyones happiness with “Playing Sports” “Calling Me” “Free Up” his freestyle on GRM Daily “#Rated” “Want from me” “No lie” & his verses on “Liar Liar” “High Roller” “Samantha” “Badboy” pumping through the speakers. Mr Ugly has a catalogue of quality bangers. He gave us a taste of what’s to come from his forthcoming Album “Common sense” which is due to be released on the 12th of May, performing “Fisherman” “Common Sense” “Closed Doors” & “Plottin”.

However we was all waiting for the legendary tracks to come from Hus. As soon as “Lean and Bop” came on I turned to my right and saw this girl face-timing her friend on her phone ! It was super funny. That’s real loyalty there, when your friend can’t make it so you have to stream it live to her through the phone. He then performed “Dem Boy Paigon” & “Friendly”. “I like my Fanta with no Hice” got not one or two but three whole reloads, it was needed though. Because of last night, I understand why now !

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Lastly J Hus ended his Nottingham Show with one of the best tracks to come from the UK   this year & that has been A listed on nearly every radio station this year with “Did you see”. This made everyones night and Hus made sure everyone left his show with a big smile on their faces ready for his album to drop.

J Hus has nurtured his lane differently and on that note… Pre order his album now !


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