[@SIRSPYRO] brings together [@THEREALGHETTS] & [@Jaykae10] for ‘Hell To The Liars’

Two of the best from the two most prominent cities for grime link up on this cold Sir Spyro remix of Hell To The Liars.

Spyro samples the London Grammar track of the same name. But of course he adds his unique breed of grittiness to the track through additional base alongside some well placed snares and kicks. The way Spyro worked his magic you would think this was the original version.
Now on to the emcees. Ghetts takes the first verse. To be honest he could of done so much more here on Hell To The Liars. Instead of going with that classic all out passion and aggression so typical of Ghetts, we get a mellower vibe. On a track just asking for that energy it feels like a missed opportunity for the track to be taken up another level. However don’t get it confused, Ghetts is no slouch on the track. It’s just testament to his talent that he still could have done better. It was a very calculated and calm verse with a few flow changes. Calm at least in terms of Ghetts anyway. The final cherry on the cake in the verse comes in the last line,. The confidence, or some may call it cockiness ,to end his verse saying:
“Oi Spyro do man a favour put a snare and a kick there”
Spyro obliges and we get that glimpse of Ghetts trademark charisma.
Then we have the man from Brum. Jaykae is really the poster boy of Birmingham’s grime scene and has been for a while now and it’s clear to see why he holds this mantle. Again however the energy lacks a bit here on Hell To The Liars. We’ve seen Jaykae bring the tempo and passion out in what’s probably his biggest track to date Toothache, which even got featured on Power. But again no slacking here. Where I felt Ghetts really could have taken it up a gear I feel like Jaykae actually played it almost perfectly. In fact as much is I am a Ghetts fan I think Jaykae has the better verse.
All in all great performance all around from this all-star trio. It shows the potential of what could become if the trio where to work together more frequently. Great track, clean visuals and nothing less than what we should expect of veterans of this calibre.

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