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Friday’s are packed full of releases, these are 5 you should pay particular attention to today.

Five for Friday is back again giving you 5 great tracks/projects for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. Friday is also the day that the official charts are announced letting us know who holds the coveted number one position. To make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have just dropped.

emil ft, Knucks – Beg To Differ

Whilst ‘Beg To Differ’ is only his second track emil has been honing his skills for a few years. For ‘Beg To Differ’ he enlists Knucks, who he produced a track for on London Class, to vocal the two sided track. The striking thing about the track is the switch up in production midway through the track. Yet the switch-up doesn’t feel out of place and only serves to highlight the skills of the producer as much as it does the rapper. Despite the switch up the production is consistent in delivering a Hip-Hop track with strong Jazz undertones. It is a must listen track this Friday.

Jeaux – Soul Food

‘Soul Food’ is Jeux‘s second single of the year and what a track it is. He brings his soulful R&B vocals to bring alive a narrative of being deep in love. The track is based on Jeaux‘s relationship with his girlfriend and plays on the relationship between food and romance. The hook in particular playfully uses food as a comparative to his woman, only he’s holding her in the highest regard as she is the food that nourishes his soul. In his own words:

“Any woman can be eye candy, but it takes a special woman to be SOUL FOOD. This song was created about my girlfriend. She’s my everything, she stimulates me and challenges me everyday. I love her, she’s my backbone, my best friend, and my soul food.”

Shamiya Battles – Be Myself

Shamiya Battles fueled interest in here with the record ‘Air’ which premiered here on GUAP and she has quickly followed that up with her Be Myself project. It features the aforementioned ‘Air’ as well as her debut single ‘Be Myself’ that dropped earlier in the year. The EP is only five tracks long but despite its brevity, it does a good job in conveying what Shamiya through her vocal and writing ability. She is definitely one to watch over the coming year and on this Friday she has the one project I feel you should be giving time to across the weekend and beyond.


Brighton’s IYAMAH is not resting at all in 2020 and ‘KYWK’ has her flexing her vocal chops across a calming guitar led production. Across her slew of releases she has showed her ability to do it all whether she was giving traditional R&B vibes or tapping into a more Erykah Badu inspired delivery. On ‘KYWK’ we get something that aligns closer to the latter as she narrates how she wants to move on from a relationship in very candid fashion with the hook honing in on how she can’t “kill you with kindness” because of how she feels. It might not be the cheeriest message but it’s delivered well through an emotive vocal performance that keeps you hooked.

See Also

shiv – You and I

Whilst shiv may have started her career as a singer fairly recently it doesn’t show at all. Having made her first breakthroughs in the music space as a DJ in 2019 she took the leap of faith from spinning tracks to making them and it was a great decision. The Dublin based Zimbabwean-Irish songstress really knows how to evoke emotion through her vocal performances and production choices. ‘You and I’ is no exception to that with the simple production providing the ideal canvas for shiv to get to work on. As a burgeoning talent, the potential is endless, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on what she does next.

Honourable Mention: D Block Europe ft. Aitch – UFO

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